Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost me any extra to book accommodation through Zbreaks website?

No. It won’t cost you any extra. Our rates are based on the individual properties rates. We do not mark up our rates to cover the donation we make to your nominated recipient.

What if I have a problem with my Reservation?

The good thing about Zbreaks is once the booking has been made, you are dealing with the property directly. Their contact details will be on your confirmation. Always check the booking terms and conditions before submitting your reservation.

Can I choose which charity or school the donation will go to?

YES. Providing we have it featured on the website. If the charity or school is not available on our list, please contact us and we will endeavour to have it featured for you.

Must I select a charity or school to make a booking?

YES. You must select a nominated recipient before you are able to search for accommodation. This ensures we are able to feed financial benefit back into the community.

Can I let you decide which organisation to donate to on my behalf?

YES. We will select a different charity each month that we are happy to nominate automatically on your behalf.